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      I am so happy you are here! For the past 4 years I have been working in the social media world through content creation. I have worked with over 60 brands both locally and worldwide. After seeing too many brands producing beautiful products or giving amazing services with no clue how to market them- I decided to step in and offer to help.

   While I have wonderful clients all over the United States, the majority of them are in Rochester, NY where I grew up and still reside. It is amazing to give back to my community and be able to recommend all of my closest family and friends to visit you. Plus, I can come visit you at work!

   Investing in marketing with me is investing in your brand's biggest hype girl. We go through your business story, what's working and not working, and adjust each month. Your success is my success, I can't wait to see what we will accomplish together.

With love,

Abby St.Denis

Owner of Chrysalis Social Media Management LLC

Owner of Chrysalis Social Media Management
Pink Marble

Brands I Have Created Content For

  Showstarters Entertainment

Awaken Wellness and Beauty

Visions Dance Studio

Jackie Photography

Majestic Doula Care

Deep Roots

Tiny Woman Creations

Joe Bean Roastery and Coffee Bar

Ruth Ann Boutique

Ayden Rose Boutique

Laughing Gull Chocolates

CRISP Restaurant

Scents By Design


Roc City Circus

FLX Hillside Farmhouse

Local's Only


Sephora Collection

Macy's Wine Shop


In Bloom Intimates

Midnight Bakery Intimates

Shop SNG


Modern + Chic

Journee Collection

Expression Tees

French75 Vintage

She's Birdie

Everlasting Comfort

and more!

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